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Remain in the Home You Love Longer and with More Independence

Everybody needs to be able to live alone, and be able to look after themselves for so long as possible. With a fresh tub, you may add another year or two to being able to reside in your house, take good care of yourself, and be free to determine when you want to bathe, not when you’re scheduled to.

Increase the Resale Value to Your Williamsport Home

With an aging baby boomer population, mobility assistive devices and equipment already installed in a Williamsport dwelling will likely be quite appealing to this demographic. With the addition of mobility devices to your own bathroom, you make it significantly easier to sell when the time comes, and can considerably increase your Williamsport home’s resale value.

Make Daily Life Much Easier and More Dignified

Bath is some thing which most folks do every single day. By making the day-to-day cleaning of yourself easier, you can make your own life much more satisfying, and much more dignified understanding you can take good care of yourself, with no need of nurses or external help.


Does the hazard of sliding and falling in the toilet make you scared of living alone?

Do you want extra help bathing and cleaning of falling in the tub because of the risk?

We are proud to put in walk-in showers and tubs for the great individuals of Williamsport, to make regular living much easier. Our highly trained technicians here at Cain’s Mobility can have a brand new shower setup all prepared to go in your Williamsport dwelling within a couple of days!

Increase your Williamsport Home’s Resale Value to a Growing Baby Boomer People.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in Pennsylvania are becoming old, freedom equipment will become a larger and bigger selling point for the purchase of Williamsport houses.

By installing a walk in bath in your Williamsport house, you’ll not only make living easier but would set up your house to be more precious in the future.

Every walk in tub can substantially increase your Pennsylvania appeal and house’s resale to aging populations.

Give our Williamsport team a call to discover just how much your house’s resale value would rise from a brand new facility.

Make Living Alone in Pennsylvania Safe and Fun!

For a lot of aging citizens, being able to reside within their very own house for so long as possible is the very best way to keep pride and dignity in their lives.

As people age, parts of their bodies begin to break down, also it becomes dangerous to dwell alone without added help in the rare case that something happens.

For a lot of aged people, this means eventually needing to move away from the Williamsport dwelling they’ve lived in for decades and love, and into a Pennsylvania retirement or care facility that is infertile, unfamiliar and not nearly the same as their own house in Williamsport.

By preventing tumbles and slips in the restroom with a new walk-in bathtub, aged people will soon be able revel in the life they’ve lived for years, and to remain in their own home for longer.

Avoid Serious Harm that Could Shorten Your Lifespan Appreciably

For a lot of elderly people residing in Williamsport, bones could break, and considerably hinder freedom and exercise for years to come. This inactivity and lack of ability to go can substantially decrease your lifespan and overall well-being and independence you have every single day.

Among the easiest methods to prevent injury is in the bathroom, with new freedom equipment that make the method of bathing less dangerous than before.

So give our Williamsport team a call immediately to learn how you can avoid serious injury like a busted hip, leg or back, and live more independently for longer, and free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I know these tubs will fully seal and not leak out all over the floor?

Proper installation and initial testing should provide you with a leak-proof experience, nevertheless there are events that customers report where they experienced escapes. Under suitable conditions, the weight of the water should compress the door seal making it totally leak proof. Some units comprise another drain under the entrance door to help prevent escapes if the door does leak. If this attribute is contained inquire. Because it covers the door in the case of a flow along with the seal, we highly recommend that you get a lifetime guarantee. Replacement seals will cost you. Also, it is crucial that you take good attention of the walk-in tub door when the tub is not in use to prevent premature failure of the seal. Wiping down the door seal and door jamb after each use can maintain the integrity of the water seal. Follow the care and maintenance instructions.

2) Are these tubs as easy to clean as normal tubs?

They're simple to wash, but unlike routine tubs, itis a good idea to maintain a daily cleaning custom with a walk-in tub following manufacturer's recommendations and utilizing the correct products. You wish to actually make sure with a walk in bath that you remove scum and spots to protect the surface. Depending on whether you have soft water, hard water, or well water, you will see different types of stains and deposits in your bathtub. Get into the practice of wiping down the surfaces that are wet after every use to help prevent the build up scum, that will necessitate more scrubbing afterwards. Weekly, use cleaners to clean your walkin tub. Products that address your unique water spot and deposits ought to be considered as well as any indications that these products may destroy the finish in your tub. Since baths are generally either acrylic or fiberglass, you need to get familiar with the very best cleaning techniques for your sort of tub. Fiberglass can easily dull and is porous and fragile and spot. Don't use harsh abrasive products on fiberglass. Acrylic is nonporous and simple to wash. Additionally, if the current weather allows, air out the room so that it doesn't remain humid all day. Some manufacturers recommend that you open your bathroom window for an hour daily to let moisture escape.

3) Are there any kits available for installing my own walk-in tub?

Yes, makers do offer do-it-yourself installments of a bath conversion kit. Depending on whether you have the proper tools and specialized familiarity with the tools, it's possible. However, many times, someone thinks it is going to be affordable to purchase all the proper tools. These tools can be costly, so be sure to compare the price of buying all the tools and the cost of your time learning just how to install the kit with the cost of a professional installation. Then the directions may seem pretty simple if you're someone who does a great deal of home improvements. If not, you might want to save yourself the trouble and expense by investing in Williamsport professionals who will install it correctly. Simply make certain the unit is tested by them according to the Maker 's directions and the unit you bought didn't get harmed during transportation.

4) How do walk in bathtubs work?

When you enter the walk-in bath, by pulling the handle toward you, you shut the doorway and seal it. Make sure the handle is locked so as to prevent any water decline. There are various kinds of handles determined by the version you decide to buy. Make certain it is a handle which you can certainly function. Then, the floor drain close and ensure that the anti-scald device has already been preset before utilizing the tub. After you've finished your bath, remove the drain depending on the kind of drain or turn the overflow knob you have to empty the water. Pull on the bath leave and handle the bath.

5) What are some of the benefits of getting one?

The most important benefit is the fact that it eases your head in case you have mobility issues, because depending on your own situation, you can slip on a regular tub or have trouble getting into the tub without a low step threshold. By making bath simpler, the design of a walk-in bath can likewise make it a lot more convenient for individuals who you depend on in your life and help you live more independently. Besides the advantages of accessibility and safety, living alone in Williamsport is a real concern for people suffering from mobility issues. Other benefits include enhanced relaxation given all the attributes which are available to you personally. It alleviates the discomfort related to ailments that are common. This is a popular choice for those who love taking baths want independence and desire to feel safe and worry-free unimpeded by their freedom issue.

6) Do these tubs drain normally?

Yes. Occasionally, however, it is essential to modify the pipes depending on the place of the drains. Installers may need to put in a fitting to the existing wastewater conduit for a walk-in tub. Present plumbing may allow for slower drain times or quicker drain times.

7) What types of financing are available in Pennsylvania if insurance doesn't cover home modifications?

The American Elder Care Research Organization lists several other financial assistance paths to consider when searching for aid to buy your walk-in bath. (1) The US Department of Agriculture helps low income and elderly residents of rural areas make home modifications to empower aging in place. The USA Rural Development plan is also known as the Section 504 program, the Very Low-Income Housing Repair program as well as the RD 504 Loan Program. The adjustments can include a walk-in bathtub. There are geographic and age, income demands to participate. To learn more about the maximum amounts available, other limits and the best way to apply, visit and click on your state after you click on the 'Contact Us' link. Then, you can click on your own county and also a listing of service centers including phone numbers will pop up. (2) For a non-Medicaid state financial assistance program for the aged, you can check this list to determine whether there are any that contain home modifications. (3) Rebuilding Together, a national non profit that can perhaps cancel the installation costs of a walk-in bath, can be a great resource. Contact them at (4)There are other options to consider. The Internal Revenue Service may determine your house modification qualifies for tax deductions as a dental and medical expense. There are also qualifications in order to claim an individual who requires care as a dependent. Phone the IRS to see in case you can deduct the cost of installing your walkin bath. IRS Publication 502 is a great resource that can enable you to gauge whether altering your bathroom qualifies you to deduct it as a medical expense. You can also phone them at (800) 829-1040. (5) The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification can also help you locate help to pay for home modifications. Just click here to find out more about this alternative

8) Do Walk-In Bathtubs Leak?

Yes, they could leak. Another common criticism from people who tried to save money and bought a poor quality tub comes from door flows. Be sure that the walk in tub is inflexible and strong to prevent any flex that inhibits a water-tight door. Also during hauling any damage that may have occurred can loosen fittings and mishandling and cause leakage. Before using the walk-in bath, it is important that the bathtub is tested by the installer correctly according to the instruction manual. If the bathtub is not installed degree together with the supporting features supplied, the water might cause the door to leak and may have problem emptying correctly. Finally, make sure to understand the risks linked to the positioning of your walk in bathtub, especially alcoves, since they have special conditions to avoid leaking.

9) Will a tub like this look bad for my homeowner’s insurance in Pennsylvania?

Many updated homeowner's insurance policies protect against flooding from your pipes and appliances. Check with your Williamsport homeowner's insurance to ensure it's going to cover you against this type of damage. You may require a home alteration permit from the Williamsport, building department to put in a tub, particularly if walls need to be eliminated to match your toilet plans. Most of all, you didn't get one AND somehow and if you needed a permit your home suffers from damage from the installed walk in tub, your homeowner's insurance may not cover your losses. In case you plan on ever selling your Williamsport residence, there are heaps of buyer beware messages out there which will steer potential buyers from your house if there have been any progress without licenses since it does affect homeowner's insurance. Buyers see their homeowners insurance as well as the permits as protections on their investments in dwellings.

10) Do these tubs use more water than conventional tubs?

Yes. A walk in tub is not usually shorter than an average bath tub, which comprises about 2 1/2 feet of water on average. Some makers say if a regular shower is 7 minutes that you just use exactly the same quantity of water as a standard shower and you use 7 gallons of water a minute. Many of the walk in baths on the market have a 40-80 gallon capacity. In fact, many manufacturers recommend that you've got a hot water tank that admits at least 50 gallons, though some tubs will function efficiently should you fill them with 40-60 gallons.

11) How much is it for a cheaper walk-in bathtub?

A more affordable fundamental version of the walk-in tub can really cost between $1,7000 and $3,000 in [

12) Can I make one of these myself?

Yes, but most folks don't start from scratch, they start with a bathtub conversion kit. There are instructions available on how exactly to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in bath. We advise that you just know just how to use the tools that are appropriate in order that you just don't end up with a non-working tub. There are firms that know just how to turn your tub more disability as well as your home reachable for less of an investment than alternatives. As Pennsylvania installers, we know just how to direct you in the correct path, so please ask us for a consultation so we are able to assist you to make your house match your present wants, particularly if you have recently become disabled or are providing an elderly individual care-giving in their house or your house.

Cain's Mobility Williamsport

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